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Public Accounting License

Woojin Kang CPA has been granted a Public Accounting license by the Public Accounting License Committee (PALC). 


02. Professional and General Liability Insurance

Woojin Kang CPA carries an Errors and Omissions Liability Insurance and General Liability Insurance provided by Lombard Canada.


03. Member of PMAC Society

Woojin Kang CPA is a member of Public Management Accountant Committe Society.

About Us

Accounting / Tax / Advisory 

강우진회계사 세미나 일정

Woojin Kang, CPA,CMA

Licensed in Public Practice 

(강우진 공인회계사)

Woojin Kang CPA is a professional firm providing accounting, tax, and building financial management. We offer a breadth of expertise, innovative thinking, and valuable insight to every client who walks through our door.




Chartered Professional Accountant

Professional accountant

강우진공인회계법인 동향


강우진 공인회계사 (Woojin Kang,BA, AAT, CPA, CMA) 

"고객의 추천만으로 여기까지 성장해 왔습니다."

       20년 캐나다 경력의 전문 공인회계사가

          귀하의 업무를 직접 도와드립니다.



(현) 강우진 회계법인 대표 회계사 (WOOJIN KANG Chartered Professional Accountant)

(전) Financial controller (2014 top 100 Tech companies in BC, BIV & Nominee for the

       large business category of 2018 Business Excellence Awards, Richmond Chamber

       of Commerce)

​​(전) 캐나다 세무회계 자문 회계사 (투자신탁사, Seoul, Korea)

(전) 캐나다 공인회계사협회 시험감독관
(전) 파트너 회계사 역임 (CHO & KANG Certified Management Accountants, BC, Canada)
(전) 시니어 회계사 역임 (LEE & LEE Chartered Accountants, BC, Canada)
(전) 캐나다 국세청 투자개발 환급신청 회계부장 역임 (Controller, C.I.T. INC, Vancouver, BC)
(전) 회계부장 역임(Accounting Manager, K & C T. INC, Vancouver, BC)
(전) SK 증권 주임 역임 (여의도 마케팅관리부, 서초지점)



캐나다 공인회계사

(Chartered Professional Accountant, Certified Management Accountant)
캐나다 회계학위

(Associate Accounting Technologist Diploma, Management Accounting Institute of BC)
연세대학교 사회복지학/경영학

(Bachelor of Arts, Yonsei University, Seoul, Korea)